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Slough excavation underway

A couple of photos of the off-channel slough restoration work currently underway. Shown here is the slough channel before work started, and excavation underway.  Photos by Michael Evenson.

Construction of cross-channel weirs in McKee Creek

Updates on the work underway this summer on McKee Creek, in the Whitethorn area. Shown here is the construction of cross-channel weirs. The work is funded by the CA Dept. of Fish and Wildlife and Wildlife Conservation Board through grants to Sanctuary Forest.




Stunning Aerial Panorama

Here is a stunning panorama of the mouth of the Mattole taken recently by Thomas Dunklin. Besides being a good friend of the MSG and MRC, Thomas is a “fisheries geo-videologist”, combing his background in geology and fisheries biology to produce superb photos and videos like the one shown here. You can see more of his work at httpss://

Sanctuary Forest seeks experienced individual for bookkeeping and grant-management responsibilities

Sanctuary Forest seeks experienced individual for bookkeeping and grant-management responsibilities.  ~10 hr/week starting, increasing to 24hr/week by 4/19. Pay rate based on skill level and experience. See job description and download application at our website:

Please submit cover letter, application and resume, with references, to by July 31st.

SRF Conference

SRF in Fortuna, CA is this week – an excellent conference for those interested in salmon restoration work. There was a trip up to the Klamath yesterday to tour the work being done on Terwer Creek – we saw the very impressive engineering, design and implementation work aimed at increasing the complexity and resiliency to instream and off-channel habitat for salmon and steelhead. The tour was lead by Rocco Fiori, whose firm did much of the work in collaboration with the Yurok and Green Diamond.  Good stuff!

Spring Float

I took advantage of the spring weather (early April, before this last wave of wet), and did a quick kayak run down the lower river. I put in at the goose-bend, and took out at the bridge. The river was running at about 1000 CFS, which made for a pretty nice float. I saw quite a few steelhead rolling in the willows, which was great.  As the photo shows, I was not the only one who noticed this (photo credit: Dylan Mattole)!